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Mac and Welfare, photo by Carolyn Carnes

The Hunt began in 1995 with the draft of 7-1/2 couple of Foxhounds from the Middlebury Hunt in Connecticut, and the introduction of 1-1/2 couple of Orange County Hounds before the end of the season. Since, the pack has grown and now includes drafts from Midland Foxhounds, Belle Meade Hunt, Live Oak Hounds, as well as four litters of our own puppies, born in 1997, 2000, 2003, and 2004.

The Pack is primarily American Foxhounds. The hounds were successful in their five appearances in the show ring, at the 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Virginia Hound Shows in the American Hound Division. In 1999, Razzle took 2nd in Stallion Hound with 3 of his get, Arctic & Airmail took 3rd in Couple of Entered Bitches, and Alice took Reserve in Single Entered Bitch. At the 2001 show, Alibi took 3rd in Single Entered Dog, Alibi & Ashton took 3rd in Couple of Entered Dogs, Alice took Reserve in Single Entered Bitch, and Arctic & Airmail took Reserve in Couple of Entered Bitches.

Kennels are located at the Perry Plantation, a 527 acre working hay farm and horse training facility, owned by the Masters.

2011 - 2012 HOUND LIST

(Click on hound name to view picture and pedigree)
* indicates Virginia Hounds Show winner
NameDate EnteredAge/SexBreed
New Entry for 2013-20142013 --- American
Brielle (Misty Morning)*+!!2001 11/B(S)American
Blossom (Misty Morning)2001 11/B(S)American
Bright Eyes (Misty Morning)2001 11/BAmerican
Courage (Misty Morning)2004 8/B(S)American
Cobweb (Misty Morning)2004 8/BAmerican
Courtney (Misty Morning) *2004 8/B(S)American
Copper (Misty Morning)2004 8/BAmerican
Crinkles (Misty Morning)2004 8/BAmerican
Diesel (Misty Morning)2005 7/DAmerican
Diana (Misty Morning)2005 7/B(S)American
Dixie (Misty Morning) *2005 7/B(S)American
Wakeup (Orange County)2005 7/BAmerican
Wallflower (Orange County) *2005 7/BAmerican
Willow (Orange County)2005 7/B(S)American
Einstein (Misty Morning) 2009 3/D(N))American
Elvis Presley (Misty Morning) *2009 3/DAmerican
E-Mail (Misty Morning) 2009 3/BAmerican
Fabian (Misty Morning) 2010 2/DAmerican
Fed-Ex (Misty Morning) 2010 2/DAmerican
Flambards (Misty Morning) 2010 2/DAmerican
Felon (Misty Morning) 2010 2/DAmerican
Felina (Misty Morning) 2010 2/BAmerican
Flintlock (Misty Morning) 2010 2/BAmerican
Fleetfoot (Misty Morning) 2010 2/BAmerican
frostbite (Misty Morning) 2010 2/BAmerican
Lucas (Marlborough) 2005 7/DAmerican
Michael (Marlborough) 2005 6/DAmerican
Moneek (Marlborough)2005 /6/BAmerican
Strummer (Golden's Bridge) *2008 4/DPenMaryDel
Ogre (Reedy Creek)2008 4/DPenMaryDel
Patriot (Marlborough) 2009 3/DPennMaryDel
Priscilla (Marlborough) 2009 3/BPennMaryDel
Leo (Golden's Bridge) 2008 4/DPennMaryDel
Diva (Golden's Bridge) 2008 4/BPennMaryDel
Opal (Marlborough) 2008 4/BPennMaryDel
The Kill, photo by Carolyn Carnes
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